Little Tauke Methodology

Designed to be experiential, fun and result-achieving, learners in our program grow through making positive money decisions, making financial mistakes and simulated financial failures, all in a safe learning environment that encourages them to boldly experiment with trial, error and success! They can then take all they have experienced in the classroom and confidently apply it in their daily lives as our learning method uses real-world concepts that we as educators and trainers have gained through our personal financial journeys

Through the use of modern teaching methodologies, our programs are able to address the learning needs of each learner. We know that every learner is unique and requires specific learning stimuluses to ensure long-term retention and results. This is why we have a team of experiences teachers and coaches designing every component of our programs, ensuring that when you sign your child up for a camp, they are sure to return with knew-found knowledge and practical applications.

Here are some of the many modern methods found in our programs:

Little Tauke Methodology 01 - Accelerated Learning

We understand your child’s learning style and know how to make the best of it! Our coaches and programs make use of multimodal learning methods that ensure that the learning that your child experience is one that is best suited to his ability to gain knowledge and skills.

Little Tauke Methodology 02 - Money Habitudes

We build Money Habits and Attitudes because we know that knowledge will change and skills evolve, but positive financial habits and attitudes will continue to help your child make the best financial decisions even when they have retired!

Little Tauke Methodology 03 - Simulation-Learning

Experience is the best teacher. Our program simulates real-life financial circumstances that effectively communicate concepts and skills over to learners. First-hand experience in a safe classroom environment allows learners to develop healthy responses towards challenges they encounter in real life.

They Will Learn

Value of Money

Help them to understand where does money comes from, how it is earned, and how it can be spent responsibly

Money Jar System

Help them to learn the effective money management method and use it intentionally to manage their money.

Financial Responsibility

Help them to learn the basics of handling money responsibly and virtuously.

Save & Give

Help them to understand why they should save and why they should give.