Little Tauke Millionaire Playbook

(PDF eBooks)


Begin your child’s financial journey by helping them visualize and build a personal commitment towards building healthy money habitudes and mindsets.


Learn about the history of money, how it became what it is today, and explore the different ways your child can interact with money.


This playbook will explore the concept of money’s value, how they can earn money and set their income aside for purposeful savings!


Explore the various spending habits that build up towards a lesson on budgeting as a family!


Build your own money jars from this playbook and begin journeying with your child towards a successful financial future.


The complete Little Tauke PlayBook Set:

  1. Book 1: My Money Mind Map
  2. Book 2: Money & Me
  3. Book 3: Money at Home
  4. Book 4: A Lesson On Spending
  5. Book 5: Growing With Money