Little Tauke provide opportunities for financial education. Through our education brand Little Tauke we have created a uniquely curated learning journey for financial literacy, specifically designed to teach children and youths healthy money concepts and develop in them long-lasting and positive financial habits.

Since 2017, our programs have over and over again proven itself to be effective and reliable in delivering desirable learning outcomes that are long-lasting.


Our founders see a future where children and youths achieve financial freedom at an early age through positive money habitudes and a strong sense of money know-how.


We believe that it is through intentional education that financial literacy can become an open subject for learning in mainstream education. Hence our mission to provide programs that instill and equip children with strong money-management and wealth-multiplying knowledge and skills.

Our Founders

CEO of Little Tauke - Ng Pui Yee

CEO of Little Tauke
Ng Pui Yee

The founder of Seeding Wealth Asia Pacific Sdn Bhd and is a financial literacy coach dedicated to helping children and teenagers grow smarter with money. Previously a Relationship Manager for 4 top banks in Malaysia serving High Net Worth Individuals with Financial Services.

As a coach and mentor, she has taught thousands of students and youths on how to create effective results in areas such as goal setting, financial responsibility, delayed gratification and entrepreneurial skills.

Her passion and dedication in educating children, teenagers and adults on how to make money work in their lives has gained her recognition from parents and educators alike. To her, the ability to make a difference in a child’s life through Financial Literacy brings her the most joy and satisfaction.

CPO of Little Tauke - Kyle Tan
CPO of Little Tauke
Kyle Tan

As Chief Products Officer and Master Trainer for Little Tauke, Kyle leads Little Tauke’s team of trainers and is the key person behind the development of curriculum and learning contents for Little Tauke. With over fifteen years of experience as a teacher, lecturer, trainer and coach, teaching and training young children and adult professionals, he brings a wealth of learning and teaching expertise to any classroom he steps into. Combine that with an energy level that will rival even the most energetic of kids, you get a trainer that delivers a learning experience that is high-energy and high-impact at the same time. Kyle is also Founder and Key Trainer of Didasko Resources.

Kyle believes that the best way to learn is by jumping into the deep end of the pool with an expert in tow, and that the best way to learn success is through experiencing failure.

What Others Say

"My daughter learns to spend responsibly and wisely now as she understands the difference between Needs vs Wants. We are able to see spending habits improved when she learns the habit of jar allocation for Saving, Spend & Share. Thank you!"
Ms Tricia Chan
"My son benefited and learnt a lot about money and financial planning from the workshops. It’s really important for kids to start learning about money from young. Definitely worth it to participate."
Mr Charles Lim