Camp Millionaire for Kids

Immersive, experiential and fun. Camp Millionaire for Kids incorporates the best of learn through play where children between the ages 6 to 11 years old learn through experiential learning. Games, group work and personal growth thrown into two days of discovering finances and developing positive money habitudes.

The Modules in this Program

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Flea Market & Garage Sales

Give your child a head start when it comes to business and entrepreneurship! Learn from our founders who have built Little Tauke’s success on how to be a successful entrepreneur!

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Little Tauke Academy

From learning the basics of successful personal finance to developing a sharp mind for business, the Academy ensures that every financial facet that your child will need to achieve financial success is covered.

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Little Tauke Workshops

By combining story-telling elements with challenges and activities we can achieve learning in 90 minutes that most programs find difficult to achieve in weeks!