Financial Literacy Is Important

Financial Literacy is Important

When we ask parents about their personal financial knowledge how they learn about money, the most common answer we receive is: “From my mistakes!”

We found this to be true for most of us as we recall the hundreds and thousands of dollars that you have lost because of a mistake that you realize later was so small and simple.

Our question for you is this: “Do you want your child to be in the same financial situations you were in?”, “Do you want your kids to make the same mistakes?”, “Do you want your children to experience the same financial losses?”



Little Tauke is the opportunity to give your child a learning experience where they safely make financial mistakes and gain real-world money management experiences without any real financial loss!

You have the chance to invest in your child’s financial future by equipping them with award-wining financial education, training them to be Money-Masters through the LITTLE TAUKE FINANCIAL LITERACY PROGRAM.

Our Programs

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Money Master Online

Curated and designed with the same style of learning found in our physical camps and workshops, we have achieved what most have found impossible to do: an online learning experience that is stimulating, relevant and engaging!

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Little Tauke Academy

From learning the basics of successful personal finance to developing a sharp mind for business, the Academy ensures that every financial facet that your child will need to achieve financial success is covered.

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Little Tauke Workshops

By combining story-telling elements with challenges and activities we can achieve learning in 90 minutes that most programs find difficult to achieve in weeks!


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